Fire Retardant Sprays

Flamecheck M-111 used worldwide on movie sets, stages and theaters when fire protection is of the utmost importance.  Flamecheck M-111 is non-toxic, non-odorous, non-corrosive and imparts a “Class A” fire-retardant finish.  Flamecheck M-111 works on fabric (natural, synthetic and blends), fine silk, raw or unfinished wood, costumes, props, backdrops, polystyrene,  foam rubber, Christmas trees, draperies, straw, soft furnishings, exhibition draperies/tablecloths, and much more.

Cal Fire Reg# C-27001. Exceeds NFPA 701-705(fabric), CA Title 19, and ASTM E-84(wood).

All Weather is similar to Flamecheck M-111 with an added waterproof barrier, perfect for those items that will be exposed to weathering, like cedar shake roofing tiles and siding, wood fencing, decking, barns and wooden sheds.

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    Flamecheck M-111

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Fire Retardant Paint Additive

Flamecheck M-111PA is a “Class A” fire retardant paint additive for water based paint (latex & acrylic paints). Flamecheck M-111PA does not change the sheen or color when added to paint.

Flamecheck M-111 PA renders the paint unable to ignite. Meets or exceeds ASTM E-84 testing standards with a “Class A” fire-retardant finish. The paint coating will not support combustion and has been tested to ASTM E-84 with ZERO Flame Spread and ZERO Smoke over a non-flammable substrate. Flamecheck M-111PA is easy to use, non-toxic, non-allergenic, safe to use around kids and pets.  For additional protection, treat the substrate with Flamecheck M-111 prior to painting.  

Mix 1 8-oz bottle into 1 Gallon of latex paint, mix well, do not dilute.


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    Flamecheck M-111PA

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Fire Retardant Clear Coat

Flamecheck FIF Clear Coat-IN (interior) and Flamecheck FIF Clear Coat-X (exterior) are water-based polyurethane “Class A” fire retardant clear coat finishes.  Tested to ASTM E-84 and NFPA 255 with a “Class A” finish.

Flamecheck FIF Clear Coat products are beautiful durable clear fire retardant finishes made for interior or exterior wooden surfaces and is extra durable for use on wood flooring, paneling, furniture, cabinets and much more.  Perfect for those hard to treat items like plastic flowers that need to meet fire code in public buildings.  Used on yachts, aircraft and movie studio sets.

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    FIF Clear Coat-IN

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    FIF Clear Coat-X

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Flamecheck International LLC

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