Wildfire Protection

Do you live near a wildfire area?

Simple steps to protect your family and property from the devastation of a wildfire.

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Stage Curtain Maintenance

Dust trapped in your stage curtains is highly flammable and can prematurely wear out your stage curtains.

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Arizona Schools & Theaters

Do you need your stage curtains cleaned and certified to be fire code compliant?

Flamecheck International can help

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Flamecheck International has been manufacturing non-toxic, environmentally friendly fire-retardant products since 1985.  Flamecheck M-111 has been extensively tested and certified non-toxic and safe in areas of daily human contact (Primary Skin Irritation & Acute Oral Toxicity Study by Hill Top Biolabs; Toxicity on Sewer Sludge & Fish by Newcastle University).

Easy To Use

Flamecheck M-111 is a universal fire retardant that is easy to use on most fabrics (natural, synthetic & blends), raw wood, costumes, props, polystyrene, foam rubber, silk and dried plants/flowers and much more. Test it on your items today!

“Class A”

Flamecheck M-111 meets or exceeds a “Class A” finish for NFPA 701-705 test for fabrics and ASTM E-84 for wooden surfaces.

Fire Code Compliance Made Easy!

Saving Lives and Property since 1985

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Flamecheck International LLC

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Flamecheck International LLC

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