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Flamecheck M-111 is a universal fire retardant spray that is easy to use and non-toxic.  Flamecheck M-111 meets or exceeds NFPA 701-705(fabric) testing, CA Title 19 and ASTM E-84(wood) with a “Class A” finish.  Flamecheck M-111 works on absorbent surfaces, like:

  • Fabric (natural, synthetic & blends)
  • Fine Silk without becoming stiff or discolored
  • Raw or Untreated wood
  • Stage curtains
  • Exhibition draperies/tablecloths
  • Costumes, props, backdrops, polystyrene
  • Christmas trees and much more…

A fluorescent dye can be added at no additional charge.  We use a fluorescent dye that allows you and a Fire Marshal/Inspector to visually see that the item in question has been treated by shining a black light on the item(s) in question.  This option is often used in classrooms, escape rooms, haunted houses, and exhibition halls, etc.

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Flamecheck M-111 Applications:

  • Fabric (natural, synthetic, and blends)
  • Draperies, Stage Curtains (will not salt out)
  • Bedding & Mattresses
  • Exhibition draperies/tablecloths
  • Upholstery - Home & Auto
  • Flags and Banners
  • Display Boards
  • Hay & Straw
  • Dried and Silk Flowers
  • Costumes, Stage Props, and Backdrops
  • Polystyrene & Foam Rubber
  • Backdrops
  • Rope (cotton, jute, sisal, hemp, polyester)
  • Real and Silk Flowers
  • Raw wood (ASTM E-84)
  • Christmas Trees
  • And other absorbent surfaces...

Flamecheck M-111 Universal Fire-Retardant Spray imparts a “Class A” fire rating on most materials. Flamecheck M-111 works by creating a melamine carbon shield that reflects away heat and stops the spread of flame.

  • Easy to use
  • Non-Toxic fire retardant
  • Non-Corrosive fire retardant
  • Environmentally friendly fire retardant
  • Odorless when dry and lemon scent when sprayed
  • Safe around kids and pets
  • Will not “salt out” in humid conditions
  • UV protectant
  • Non-staining/colorless and dries clear
  • Does not change the hand of the material treated
  • Made in the USA


  • NFPA 701-705
  • NFPA 253
  • NFPA 255
  • ASTM E-84
  • ASTM E-648
  • UL 723
  • FAA 25.853B
  • UBC 42-1
  • MVSS 302
  • CA Title 19
  • N.Y. bulletin #44
  • BFD IX-1
  • Worldwide Certifications
    • CAN 204.2 M77
    • French M1 & M3
    • British BS 5852 & BS 476 part 7
    • Kuwait K.O.C.
    • Germany DIN #4102 Class 1

Technical Use Instructions for Flamecheck M-111 Fire Retardant Spray
Flamecheck M-111 is a water-soluble product flame retardant for cellulosic, synthetic, and blends of natural and synthetic materials and other textiles. Flamecheck M-111 is compatible with a wide range of polymer dispersions, fluorocarbons, and silicones allowing the application of a variety of combined finishes to textiles.
Appearance: Clear, pale straw-colored liquid
pH: 6.8
Density (g/cc): 1.10
Solids Content (w/w): 22%
Solubility in water: 100%
Flamecheck M-111 may be applied by brushing, dipping, padding, or spraying. The recommended method of application is padding. Drying may be carried out at normal drying temperatures (drying conditions should always be checked experimentally). When Flamecheck M-111 is used in polymer dispersions, fluorocarbons and silicones the components must be mixed before application. Flamecheck M-111 will withstand the curing temperature required for these other finishes giving rise to a minimal strength loss and effect on the hand of the fabric.
Level of use:
The fabric to be treated should be clean and absorbent as the presence of dirt, size natural water or applied finished will prevent the efficient absorption of Flamecheck M-111.
The add-on required depends on the nature and the test method applied to the treated fabric. The following values are given as an indication of the level of add-on needed to meet various flammability standards.
Fabric Dry Add-on
Cotton 10-15%
Cotton/Polyester 10-15%
Polyester 20-25%
Hessian 15-20%
Rayon 10-15%
Other Synthetic blends 20-25%
Wooden panels 10-20%
It is advisable to determine the add on required to give satisfactory flame retardant flammability by using a small-scale laboratory test before commencing treatment on a large scale.
Flamecheck M-111 is not fast to washing in water and the treatment must be renewed after laundering the fabric. Flamecheck M-111 treatment will withstand dry cleaning (the performance of a variety of treated fabrics is not affected by 12 commercial dry-cleaning cycles based on perchloroethylene. However, any aqueous additives or use of charged dry cleaning systems must be avoided.

Flamecheck M-111 Coverage:

One gallon covers 300-600 sq. ft. depending on the weight of the material. A 15% add-on, on the dry weight of the fabric, is recommended.  When treating synthetic materials, 2 or more light applications might be necessary to pass NFPA 701 field test. Always test to verify your application is successful.

Test: Fabrics use NFPA 701 field test (12-second vertical flame test). Retest and retreat every 3-5 years or after washing/dry cleaning.  For wood use a propane torch (up to 30 seconds) on a test piece to verify that your application has allowed enough Flamecheck M-111 to absorb in and does not support any flame spread and self-extinguishes when the flame is removed.  NFPA 701 field test 2019

Application Methods:

  • Small Applications: Use a hand-operated trigger sprayer for small applications.
  • Larger Applications: Airless spray gun with a fan nozzle of .5 mm or 0.15” orifice is recommended.
  • Synthetic materials: may require 2 or more light treatments to achieve pass NFPA 701 field test or “Class A” ASTM E-84.  Test after each application dries.
  • Dip & Squeeze is an acceptable application method.

Surface Preparations: Be sure the material you are treating is clean and free of dust, grease, and unsightly spots.  Test for colorfastness.

SAFETY NOTE: Use common sense precautions, dust mask, eye protection, and rubber gloves/apron.  Cover electrical devices and heating and cooling vents.  Use in well-ventilated areas only.

Other Features & Uses of Flamecheck M-111:

  • Silk
  • Raw wood
  • Grass thatch
  • Wallpaper
  • Carpet
  • Car interiors
  • Aircraft seating
  • Racing suits
  • Military, SWAT Uniforms

Flamecheck M-111 has been extensively tested and certified non-toxic and safe in areas of daily human contact (Primary Skin Irritation & Acute Oral Toxicity Study by Hill Top Biolabs; Toxicity on Sewer Sludge & Fish by Newcastle University).

Unlimited shelf life in a sealed container. Do not allow it to freeze.

Extremely durable and will not wear off, rub out, or dry-clean out (if only percoethylene is used). Laundering will remove Flamecheck M-111. Reapplication is required after washing to maintain a “Class A” finish.

Stage Curtains:

  • Stage curtains should be cleaned and tested every 3-5 years.  The buildup of dust is highly flammable so even IFR (Inherently Flame Retardant) curtains need to be cleaned.
  • Does not "Salt out" on black or dark-colored drapes in high humidity areas, like Florida or cruise ships.
  • Stage curtains should have a tag that identifies the last date of treatment.
  • If curtains are washed, they need to be retreated immediately.
  • Once the dust is removed from the curtains Flamecheck M-111 will give a renewed look and feel to the stage curtains.

Teachers:  Has a Fire Marshal or Inspector asked you to remove a display that you created for your classroom?  Fire Marshals and Inspectors want to ensure that everyone is safe.  Ask the inspector if they will accept Flamecheck M-111 with a fluorescent additive.  The inspector then can use a black light to verify it's been treated.  Flamecheck M-111 works on most materials regardless of what they are made of as long as it absorbs into the substrate.  Use coupon code "teacher" to receive a $5 discount on quarts and gallons of Flamecheck M-111.  School Classroom flyer

Christmas Trees:  Christmas trees can be fully engulfed in flames in as little as 3 seconds.  1 quart of Flamecheck M-111 will treat a 5-6 foot Christmas tree.  Don’t forget to treat wreaths and garland too! Use coupon code "Christmas" for a $5 discount on quarts and gallons in Nov and December.

Disclaimer: Flamecheck makes no guarantee, nor any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular use regarding the suitability of this product for any particular purpose or use, nor does it assume any liability arising out of the application or mis-use of this product.  Application techniques vary; therefore, it is the end user’s responsibility to test and verify the application techniques and suitability of this product for the intended use.  Always test after application.  Flamecheck International LLC only warrants the quality control of this product. For the complete disclaimer regarding this product, visit

Keep out of the reach of children.  Ingestion of this product, or contact with eyes or skin, can result in serious injury. Use in a well-ventilated area. If swallowed CONTACT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL IMMEDIATELY.  Contact with eyes or skin, flush with copious amounts of water for 15 minutes.  If irritation persists, seek medical attention. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.

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  1. Mike

    Anybody concerned with fire prevention would be well served by the products and services provided by Flamecheck. I cannot express how helpful and knowledgeable Cindi Lee is, and how she went above and beyond in helping me with my orders.

    Not only did they fill and ship a rush order on a Sunday afternoon (picked up phone on first ring), the product was shipped and arrived well before expectations.

    On a previous order, Cindi noticed that the freight charge was incorrect and called me to say she caught it and issued a credit.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Theresa Ann Kramer

    Everyone should incorporate these products into their home and business if you are concerned about fire prevention. I bought this product for my home use. Cindy was very knowledgeable and helpful in determining quantity i required. I was impressed with the speed my order was delivered. Excellent customer service and ease of use of product.

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