Christmas Tree Protection

All the stockings were hung by the chimney with care…  Christmas traditions; a roaring fireplace, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, garland that fills your home with the scent of pine, and candles that smell of cinnamon spice are memories that we want to relive every Christmas season.

Keeping your family safe during this festive time can be a challenge because of the open fires and candles that appear all around the house.  One careless slip and a small candle can start a large fire in a few seconds.

Treat your Christmas tree, decorations, wreaths, stockings, and other absorbent items near a fireplace or candle to help keep you and your family safe this holiday season with Flamecheck M-111.

A dry Christmas tree will burn at 1200-1500° making a room unsurvivable in about 20-30 seconds.  It’s recommended to water your tree daily.  For additional protection, treat your Christmas tree with Flamecheck M-111 Fire Retardant Spray before you decorate it.  This will slow the burn rate, which gives you and your family more precious time to escape.

Flamecheck M-111 works on most absorbent materials including; Christmas trees, wreaths, decorations (fabric, straw, wood & paper), garland, soft furnishings (couches, chairs, rugs), dried or silk flowers, stockings, bows, wall hangings, curtains, and drapes.  Set designers use Flamecheck M-111 when building their Nativity scene or Santa’s Workshop, they use it on the bales of hay/straw, fabrics, garland, paper, unsealed wood, costumes, and props.  Test to verify your application was successful on a sample piece of material.

Flamecheck M-111 is simple to use, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-odorous. Proven safe for use in areas with daily human contact (children and pets).

1 Quart of Flamecheck M-111 will treat a 5-6 foot Christmas tree. Spray the tree liberally to cover all the branches and trunk.  (Keep the tree well-watered too!)  Order extra Flamecheck M-111 to treat your stockings and garland too.

Flamecheck has been protecting lives and property for 35 years. Protection is possible; Flamecheck – Simply Safer.

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